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What is Roxicodone?

Roxicodone is a prescription drug that comes in five forms: immediate-release tablet, immediate-release capsule, extended-release tablet, extended-release capsule, solution. All forms of this drug are oral. 

Roxicodone is a brand name of Oxycodone immediate-release tablets. It helps treat moderate to severe pain as a part of combination therapy. Your doctor may recommend you take it for a short or long period depending upon your medical condition.

Important Information

Roxicodone may cause drowsiness. If you are using an opioid medication like Roxicodone during your pregnancy, you could give birth to a drug-dependent baby. It can lead to life-threatening withdrawal issues in the newborn baby. An opioid-dependent baby may need treatment for several weeks.

What to know before taking Roxicodone?

Before using Roxicodone, tell your medical healthcare provider if you have ever had:

  • Sleep apnea, breathing problems;
  • Seizures, or a head injury;
  • Urination problem;
  • Kidney or liver disease;
  • Drug or alcohol addiction;
  • Urination problems; or
  • Problems with your pancreas, gallbladder, or thyroid

How to take Roxicodone?

Read carefully and follow all the instructions on your prescription label and medication guides. Never use Roxicodone in smaller or larger amounts or for longer than recommended. If you are feeling an increased desire to use this medicine, inform your doctor. 

Never share opioid medicine like Roxicodone with someone else, especially someone with a past of drug abuse or addiction. Misuse of Roxicodone can cause addiction, overdose, or death. It is against the lawful act to sell or give away opioid medicine.

Swallow the whole capsule without crushing, chewing, breaking, opening, or dissolving it to avoid exposure to a potentially fatal overdose. Suppose it is hard for you to consume the whole capsule, open and sprinkle the pill into a spoonful of applesauce or pudding. Swallow the mixture instantly without chewing. 

Have food before taking Roxicodone. Never break or crush a pill to inhale the powder or mix it into a liquid for injection into your vein. It can lead to death. Carefully measure the liquid medicine. Use a dosing syringe or medicine dose-measuring device. Stop taking all the other opioid pain medications while you start taking Roxicodone extended-release. 

Store Roxicodone away from heat and moisture at room temperature. Keep track of your drug. Be aware of someone misusing your medication or taking it without a prescription because Roxicodone is a drug of abuse. Dispose of leftover opioid medication. Just one improper or an accidental dose of Roxicodone can cause death.

Roxicodone dosage

Roxicodone is available in oral immediate-release tablet form with the strengths of 5 mg and 7.5 mg. This drug is not under the recommendation for use by anyone younger than 18 years old.

Usual adult dosage (ages 18 to 64 years) for moderate to severe pain:

  • Typical initial dosage for non-opioid tolerant patients can range from 5 mg to 10 mg administered within every 4 to 6 hours as needed.
  • Maintenance dosage- your doctor will decide the appropriate dosage for your medical condition depending upon your response to the initial phase of treatment with Roxicodone. 


If you overdose to Roxicodone, take immediate medical help or call the Poison helpline at 1-800-222-1222. An overdose of Roxicodone may be deadly, especially in a child or someone taking it without a prescription. Overdose symptoms may include pinpoint pupils, severe drowsiness, slow breathing, or no breathing. 

Your doctor may suggest you keep naloxone (a drug to reverse opioid overdose) with you all the time. Anyone can get naloxone from a local health department or pharmacy. Ensure your caretaker knows where you keep it and how to use naloxone. 

What to avoid while using Roxicodone?

Avoid alcohol consumption, driving any vehicle, and using any heavy machinery until you know the effect of this medicine on you. 

Roxicodone side effects 

Roxicodone may cause drowsiness in the initial phase of the treatment. Do not drive any vehicle, use heavy machinery, or perform any dangerous tasks until you know the effect of this medicine on you. Side effects of this drug may vary between adults and children.

The more common side effects of Roxicodone to adults may include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of energy or weakness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Severe itching
  • Sweating
  • Itching of the skin
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep.

Roxicodone side effects on children may include headache, fever, constipation, nausea, and vomiting. If they persist or worsen after a specific period, contact your medical healthcare provider. 

Immediately call your doctor if you have severe side effects. Call 911 for help if you have symptoms that feel life-threatening or have a medical emergency. Severe side effects to Roxicodone may include:

  • Severe breathing problems including slowed breathing, dizziness, fainting, confusion, shallow breathing with little chest movement, sleep-related breath issues
  • Low blood pressure causing dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Seizure (or convulsions)
  • Addiction (physical dependence) and withdrawal when stopping the drug. Substance use disorder symptoms may include: restlessness, trouble sleeping, irritability or anxiousness, rapid breathing rate, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, fast heart rate, runny nose, teary eyes, yawning, stomach cramps and diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite, chills, sweating, muscle aches, and back pain
  • Addiction or misuse of Roxicodone 
  • Adrenal insufficiency with muscle weakness, long-lasting tiredness, and pain in your abdomen
  • Androgen deficiency includes trouble sleeping, fatigue, and decreased energy

What drugs can interact with Roxicodone?

You may have withdrawal symptoms or breathing problems if you take certain other medications. It can interact with various drugs and cause dangerous side effects or death. Tell your medical healthcare provider if you also take blood pressure or heart medicine, antifungal medication, antibiotics, seizure medications, or treatment that helps treat HIV or hepatitis C.